Gorelka Top specialists professionally provide service for burners, which greatly affects the normal functioning of the boiler equipment of a country house, apartment, shop, etc. Burner equipment is one of the most dynamic elements of heating systems, these parts are constantly exposed to high thermodynamic and temperature loads.

Failure to meet the deadlines and untimely maintenance of burners often leads to the fact that the boiler will start to work with overloads. The non-optimal operating mode, as a rule, leads to burning of boiler radiators, breakdown of the burner itself and, consequently, to expensive repair or purchase and installation of new equipment.

It is advisable not to postpone the inspection of boiler equipment at the beginning of the heating season, but to conduct it in the off-season. Most often, our compatriots remember that it is necessary to carry out maintenance of burners only in the event of emergency situations (when the boiler does not turn on or works in the wrong mode). It should be understood that the load of service centers during this period is very large and in cold weather you can remain without heating.

Service of gas burners

This type of work should be carried out by professional workers, as it involves the use of special tools and certain knowledge in the field of gas boiler equipment. Gas burners can be atmospheric (injection) or fan (blow).

Carrying out service maintenance of gas burners of the blast type, our specialists (if desired by the Customer) compile regime charts and install additional pressure gauges in the heating system, the readings of which are compared with the regime charts. If the readings do not match, the owner of the facility will be able to promptly call the autonomous heating service engineers to identify problems in the operation of the burner equipment (or boiler), which will make it possible to resolve the problem in a timely manner.

The service of gas burners includes a list of certain activities:

  • Diagnostics of combustion products.
  • Cleaning the external surfaces from soot, cleaning the divider and nozzle. The degree of contamination of these parts depends on the purity (condition) of the supplied air, which contains moisture, dust and other components (approximately 1 cubic meter of air is burned when 1 m. Of cubic gas is burned). Contamination of the nozzle and diffuser can lead to increased fuel consumption or also to a breakdown of the burner set. Periodic maintenance of gas burners, as well as exhaust gas analysis, allows to avoid the above problems.
  • Cleaning (if necessary replacement) nozzle and gas fittings.
  • Check (replace) temperature sensor, thermostat.
  • As required, repair ignition igniter and other work.

Service diesel burners

Diesel burner equipment is a device for burning fuel in boilers in which air is mixed with diesel (combined) fuel and is supplied to the combustion zone. Periodic servicing of oilon diesel burners prevents critical situations that interfere with the optimal mode of operation and maintains an economical and safe operation of the boiler.

These works are performed according to an agreed schedule and include:

  • Adjustment (debugging) of the burner equipment for safe and optimal functioning.
  • Replacing worn or non-working parts.
  • Cleaning (replacement) of air and fuel filters.
  • Instrumental analysis of the composition of the exhaust gases.
  • Cleaning elements of the burner kit.
  • Cleaning the heater from soot.

Carrying out service maintenance of diesel burners (gas burners), our specialists use professional expensive equipment that allows you to make an accurate analysis of the composition of the exhaust gases. This makes it possible, when setting up burner equipment, to precisely optimize the processes of fuel combustion, and, consequently, to ensure high efficiency of the boiler operation.

Service of the combined burners

The complexity of the maintenance and repair of the combined burners lies in their ability to use different types of fuel. High-tech combustion machines, a special design of a fiery head and many other nuances of this type of devices do not allow a person without special education, professional skills and expensive equipment to perform work with high quality and with a guarantee of safety.

The current service maintenance of the burner consists of several stages:

  • Calibration of fuel consumption according to the declared power of the heat generator.
  • Setting the optimal air flow for combustion.
  • Inspection of waste gases to prevent the release of harmful or poisonous products of incomplete combustion.
  • Diagnostics of the functionality of settings and protective devices.
  • Check the operation of the ventilation duct for the removal of combustion products.
  • Cleaning surfaces from carbon and fuel pipelines from any precipitation.
  • Setup and calibration of automation.

After the maintenance, the specialists of the center draw up a certificate of completion, which indicates malfunctions that require separate repairs, as well as recommendations on the operation of the equipment. You can invite our craftsmen to do one-time work, or you can conclude a long-term contract that guarantees significant discounts on all types of work and spare parts. Remember that regular service allows you to timely identify and troubleshoot problems that could cause a serious accident.