Household burners

Undoubtedly, natural gas is the most convenient, economical and environmentally friendly fuel. But at the same time, it requires careful attention to the equipment of the heating process. Domestic gas burners for heating are devices that mix gas and oxygen in the air. The mixture, which is obtained as a result, is fed to the outlets, where it ignites with a spark from electricity or a piezoelectric element.



The construction of a household gas burner for heating qualitatively performs its functions – to ensure the mixing of gas with air, which is necessary for its complete combustion, reliable ignition, stable combustion process, complete combustion when the load changes in a significant range.

Combined burners provide the use of gas, fuel oil or diesel fuel. In one unit – the function of burning gas or other type of fuel. Such a system is suitable for those who do not have a connection to the highway, and improvised gas heating of this type is only foreseen. You can also use a combined burner to save various kinds of fuel.

Combustion of fuel in the form of a gas is determined by the method and rate of its mixing with air (oxygen). For smaller heaters, installation of a gas heating system usually involves atmospheric and fan burners.

The installation of gas heating and its operation with fan burners are organized differently. These burners are characterized by the fact that they have forced air supply, produced by a special fan. It also provides precise regulation of the air supply. These types of burners are used only in boilers with a closed combustion chamber, which often operates under pressure.