About burners

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General description.

The burner is a special mechanism that runs on fuel that mixes in the feed with air. The use of burners is very common, they are used both in everyday life and in production. For example, heating boilers, drying seeds, heating and smelting fuel oil.

There are two types of burners:

– Atmospheric or injection burners. This type of burner operates on the basis of the air draft that the chimney provides.

– Blast burners. This type of burner is characterized in that the air supply is forced. These include gas, diesel, fuel oil or combination burners.

In gas burners, gas is mixed with air, the mechanism turns on very quickly. Gas-fired burners are safe and have good automatic equipment. In case of improper supply of fuel, air or any other problem, the burner protection mechanism is activated and it turns off. This is one of the most common types of burners, since gas is one of the most expensive resources produced in large quantities.

Diesel and fuel oil relate to oil burners. They spray or evaporate fuel, which mixes with air, which increases the combustion area. Spraying is done by a nozzle, which in turn affects the economical operation of the burner. Oil burners are most often used in industry. They are resistant to low temperatures. Oil burners are used in inaccessible places and in remote settlements where there is no gas supply.

Recently, the use of combination burners has been spreading in our region. The reason is explained in their principle of operation, based on the use of two or three types of fuel. They can run on gas, diesel or fuel oil. What makes them very convenient to use. Equipped with automation, they are convenient and safe to use. In case of any malfunction, the supply of fuel and air is interrupted. The burner shuts down.


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